Photochrome Camera Club

San Francisco Photography Club: Established 1942

The Photochrome Camera Club of San Francisco was formed to provide an opportunity for members with a wide range of experience and interests to meet regularly to share, acquire, and develop photographic skills in a supportive and friendly environment where they can explore the potential of all aspects of photography.

To learn more, see Club Info. You are invited to visit us (there is no cost involved) and we love to welcome new members.

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The first PHOTOCHROME ADVENTURES OF 2014 will be on Saturday 22 February 2014.
at the Alemany Farmers Market at 100 Alemany Blvd. at Crescent St. off Putnam St. Meet up time: 9am in front of the sign on the end of the North building which is just East of Putnam Street. The building is just past the tent produce booths.

 The Alemany Farmers Market is the oldest farmers market in San Francisco. It  was started in 1943 and has many interesting photo ops: produce, people and city views and murals. According to the web site I visited the market opens at 6am so if you want to get there to photograph the setting up of the market set your alarm for early! For an overview of the market just Google Alemany Farmers Market. Web sites about the market also gives driving and public transit directions.

If you have any questions please email me at: or phone:415.441.0498.
Bob Nelson
19 January 2014

                                                                                               Photos by Bob Nelson


This exploring photography presentation will outline the planning and organizing for a successful and rewarding trip to the Brazilian Amazon Rain Forest. It includes travel images taken in Manaus (capitol city of Amazonas, Brazil) as well as wildlife and people living in the Amazon Basin. (approx. time 90 min.)

Riverboat on the Amazon River

San Francisco Tennis Club – 3rd Floor
645 5th Street (Brannan), San Francisco
Google: SF Tennis Club

A fun Mexican Buffet dinner including a fancy salad, grilled flank steak, achiote chicken fajitas, rice & beans, etc.  Soft drinks & dessert.

PLUS slide show of Cyber Image Fest 2013 winners and member photos!

Subject: “Street and Transit Photography: There Might Be Elephants!”
Presenter: Bob Nelson
The presentation will include in part:
CAMERA GEAR TO BE USED: Cameras: DSLRs, fixed lens and phones; extra batteries and memory cards; flash gun; what gear not to take.
LOCATIONS: On the street; in buses and trains; outside events such as street fairs; shop windows.
SUBJECTS: Sidewalk and street images; architecture; nature; machines, persons, animals and close up details.













A photo of refracted light with is literally
street or sidewalk photography.

TECHNIQUES: Making candid photos of persons on the street and on public transit; how to approach persons
to ask for posed photos; special techniques when photographing on buses and / or trains.
YOUR RIGHTS AS A PHOTOGRAPHER: Where you may and may not make photos.
The Power Point projected text talking points and photo examples will be narrated by me and should run about an hour. At the end of the informational segment there will be a short slide show of photos of various subjects made on the street and on public transit.The slide show will be followed by a refreshment break after which there will be about a half hour for questions and input from the audience.
I hope you all can attend the meeting on Thursday 17 October 2013, starting about 7:40 +- after ny opening club announcements. And then…. There Might Be Elephants!?



 Photochrome Adventures #7 “STREET AND TRANSIT PHOTOGRAPHY – THERE MIGHT BE ELEPHANTS!” will feature walking on some of the streets of San Francisco and aboard MUNI buses and on the METRO system. The event is set for Saturday 19 October 2013 starting at 9am.
The meet up location will be the La Boulange Cafe and Bakery at 543 Columbus Avenue on the West side of the street between Union and Green Streets. Meet up time will be 9 am with the shoot starting at 9:30am. Those who want, can meet back at La Boulange for a specific show and tell presentation, at 12:30 pm. The total time allotted will be 3 hours which allows for both travel time on the street and on public transit. Of course during this field trip the travel time is both the photographing time and travel time. Before the Photochrome Adventures, at the Thursday 17 October Photochrome meeting, I will be presenting an Exploring Photography program also entitled “Street and Transit Photography -There Might Be Elephants”. On the Photochrome Adventures, photographers may want to use some of the street/transit photographing ideas put forth at the EP program and / or develop some of their own.
At this Photochrome Adventures photographers may choose from two methods of photographing on the streets and public transit. The photographers may use any method they choose to get two street and /or public transit photos for projection. Or, somewhat like a lab-workshop, they may opt to accept a specific map route and a specific street or transit subject. For example one assignment might be to do a portrait of a person on a bus and the other photo of a transit machine. Another photographer might be assigned to photograph a street person in his/her environment and the second photo might be of an image on a sidewalk. For those accepting the assignments all the map routes will be the same but the subjects will all be different for each photographer. The maps and assignments will be given out between 9am and 9:30am and a brief discussion on the procedures will be held.
The images made during the shoot will be shown as Pic2 photos at the Thursday 7 November 2013 meeting. So we shall hope to see you all on Saturday 19, October 2013 at 9am at Boulange Cafe and Bakery at 543 Columbus Ave. between Union and Green Streets for the Photochrome Adventures #7 “STREET AND TRANSIT PHOTOGRAPHY – THERE MIGHT BE ELEPHANTS!”
In this and any unplanned photography one never knows what photo ops may pop up. There might be elephants!
Bob Nelson

Photochrome Adventures number 6 field trip for 2013 is set for Saturday, September 14 at Crissy Field, San Francisco. Admission is free. The America’s Cup Race starts at 1310 in the middle of the bay and ends at pier 27. All America’s Cup races are dependent on the weather and for updated information check their website america’s Public transportation is recommended and if you live in the 415 area code you can call 311 twenty four hours a day for information on how to get to the race. For further transportation information check the America’s Cup website. The main viewing areas are along the San Francisco waterfront from the Golden Gate Bridge all the way to the Golden Gate Yacht Club. If you choose to be at the finish line at Pier 27 it is advised to be there early in the day. There are also other accessible points along the race course for viewing and they are posted on the website. Since there are many options for viewing the race and it is going to be very crowded, there will not be a meet up for our group before or following the race. Photos will be shared at a Photochrome Camera Club meeting. If you are unable to attend this race for the America’s Cup, check america’s for a schedule of additional races and yacht regattas. The SF Chronicle has a front page insert that posts races and events for the week, maps of the race course, the America’s Cup Village and the America’s Cup Park, and further transportation information.