Oakland Zoo Field Trip 10/20/2012

The zoo is located in Knowland Park at 9777 Golf Links Rd., Oakland 94605 just off highway 580.
Let’s arrive at 10:00 AM when it opens.
Admission: 10.50 (Adults 15-54), 7.00 (Seniors 55+)
Parking: 6.00
The Oakland zoo spreads out on 525 acres making it a much larger animal showcase than the San Francisco zoo. Larger animals are kept in natural environments resembling the African Savannah and a Tropical Rainforest besides the usual caged areas. There is also a children’s zoo making close-ups of kids interacting with animals a bonus feature.
We can meet some time between 11:30 and 12:00 at the Green Cafe before leaving.
Trip cancels with rain.
Gary Larsen