04/19/2018 – “Sights of India” presentation by Gerson Finlev

Be sure to come to our next Photochrome Meeting on 04/19/2018. Exploring Photography: “Sights of India” presented by Gerson Finlev


Furthermore,  here is our schedule for other upcoming meetings:

05/03/18          Open Subject

05/10/18          Board Meeting (Please come to give your input)

05/17/18          Theme Night: Paper and/ or Glass

05/24/18          Field Trip to Urban Ore – Located in Berkeley http://urbanore.com/about-us/ and  http://www.berkeleyside.com/2017/03/16/owners-of-berkeley-institution-urban-ore-consider-its-future More information to follow

06?07/18          Open Subject

06/14/18          Board Meeting (We need your suggestions)

06/21/18          Print Night (PN) Share your prints with members. Prints of your images are the ultimate form of photography

07/05/18          Open Subject

07/12/18          Board Meeting

07/19/18          Theme Night: Machinery / Mechanical Parts

08/02/18          Open Subject

08/09/18          Board Meeting

08/16/18          Theme Night: Weather

09/06/18          Open Subject

09/13/18          Board Meeting

09/20/18          Print Night

10/04/18          Open Subject

10/11/18          Board Meeting

10/18/18          Exploring Photography: “Images of Alaska” presented by Stacy Boorn

11/01/18          Open Subject

11/08/18          Board Meeting

11/15/18          Theme Night: Childhood Memories


We may include more field trips throughout the year.

You will be informed if there are any changes.